Release 3: A Thousand Year Love of Acacia V1C1

So long!

You’ll probably wondering where the heck is release 2 since there has only been 1 release on this site. Well, before I decided to work on A Thousand Year Love of Acacia, I did a release on A Tackle of My Life by Hwang Mi Ri BUT it’s a text file which means translations-only. Here‘s my only-translating blog. I haven’t decided what to do, keep scanlating or only translating. So I’ll just leave the other blog alone for now. I’ll decide once I finish with this series.

Release 3: A Thousand Year Love of Acacia V1C1 – Media Fire

Thank you trinhtien95 for providing the raws!

I’ll try to update faster but the thing is the raws currently using are very low in quality.

Please help me find better raws!!!!!!!! It could be in any language because I have the Korean hard copies. It’s just that I don’t have a scanner. Better quality raws -> Less time editing -> Faster releases!!!

Looking forward to the next release!



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  1. Where can I contact you? I want to talk with you about your projects 🙂 .
    Please email me at


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