Any Volunteers? I need a Cleaner/Editor.

OK. I am sorry for such a long absent but  woo [deep breath], I can edit now. If you read previous posts, you know that I used those times to learn to edit manga. (It’s a very long story. Started out, it’s me and a friend, Ashley in this group. Ashley is in charge of cleaning/editing but she decided to quit) And man, what a journey. So I will still be working on Love Like Crazy, I’ll just time it to follow up Loyal Kiss’s releases.

I am wondering if anybody is willing to help me to clean and semi-edit. What I mean is you could help me to crop double-page view into single pages and brighten the pages, level it a little maybe to make the pages sharp. And to clone (cloning is much better than white texts out with the same effort of moving your fingers, just sometimes when texts are overlapping scenes then it will requires more works and efforts) out the texts and remove small text effects. If you could and want to, you could clone out big text effects too. I definitely thank you very much on that. Scans will look nicer. (I still can’t do that and cloning scenes, I tried very hard but it looks weird.)  After all that, please email or upload them to me. I will put in texts in as I translate. If you agree to help me, it will definitely quicken the process of me doing all of those works alone.

My email address is:

I am translating vol 11 of Love Like Crazy currently. It’s actually a long story. What I wanted was that to translate from bottom up while Loyal Kiss up down. At some point in the far future, we will have a point of contact and I will release all the volumes left. BUT that’s not a good idea. It’s very slow like that so I decided to finish vol 11 since I already started and start on vol 3. When Loyal Kiss releases all of vol 2, I will release what I have done. That is my plan. Any suggestions?


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  1. Posted by Aiu on February 28, 2010 at 1:09 AM

    i think i can help with some editing/cleaning. I don’t know if i’ll be any help because i’ve never edit/cleaned before. ><

    You can give me a test. I usually typeset. ^^;;
    I've been waiting to try cleaning/editing, though. ^o^


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