On hiatus – Sorry & Name Corrections

I’m sorry. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to scanlate again. Life just caught me up.

There might be a friend of mine who may be able to take this group after me. But she hasn’t replied yet. If she agrees to, then she will start on Acacia again.

Or I might be a fickle again and change my mind.

OK. Below is something I been wanting to post since…after the 1st chapter of Acacia. But I just keep procrastinate.

It’s about the names. On the 1st chapter, I was kind of stupid so I just …. Anyway below is the explanation. It was copy and paste from something I typed up since … a few days after the 1st chapter.

If you know Japanese, you know how foreign words are written in Katakana.

I was stupid the last time for not realizing the names are foreign words. So when the names didn’t make sense to me, I just basically create my own o-O (and “stole” from the other raw source and MangaUpdates synopsis.)
Today, I was going through my Japanese stuff and suddenly had an “insight” realization that they didn’t make sense because they are foreign words!

So here are the corrections. Please bear in mind that I’m not 100% sure if they should be modified or just leave it like that.

Please understand that I live here, in the US, so my exposure to Korean is mostly limited to paper and pencil, if you know what I mean.


Acacia: It’s really A-k’a-shi-a. But since MangaUpdates use Acacia so I guess that’s more correct in terms of English-like.
‘ denotes aspiration

The Hittite Prince: Lee-U-Seu
But I’ll type it without the dashes. Leeuseu

The Egyptian King: Ra-me-se-seu
When I say it, it kind of sounds like Rameth-ish. So I’ll use that. I like it because it’s better than to type that long name!

The Egyptian Princess: K’e-deu-ra
More like Medulla, LOL (Yes, it’s a joke.)
I’ll just type it without the aspiration and dashes because I can’t think of any English-like for this one. Kedeura.

If you know a better way to write these names, please tell me.


Better raws found!

Hey guys! I just want to let you know that I have found better raws!

Kangta at Han-file is the uploader. Thank you very much, Kangta!

I’ll redo the 3 pages I did and start to update faster!

Thanks for bearing with me.


Release 3: A Thousand Year Love of Acacia V1C1

So long!

You’ll probably wondering where the heck is release 2 since there has only been 1 release on this site. Well, before I decided to work on A Thousand Year Love of Acacia, I did a release on A Tackle of My Life by Hwang Mi Ri BUT it’s a text file which means translations-only. Here‘s my only-translating blog. I haven’t decided what to do, keep scanlating or only translating. So I’ll just leave the other blog alone for now. I’ll decide once I finish with this series.

Release 3: A Thousand Year Love of Acacia V1C1 – Media Fire

Thank you trinhtien95 for providing the raws!

I’ll try to update faster but the thing is the raws currently using are very low in quality.

Please help me find better raws!!!!!!!! It could be in any language because I have the Korean hard copies. It’s just that I don’t have a scanner. Better quality raws -> Less time editing -> Faster releases!!!

Looking forward to the next release!


A Thousand Year Love of Acacia

A Thousand Year Love of Acacia


Manhwaka: Kim Dong Hwa (MU)

Manhwa Status: 8 Volumes (Complete)

Scanlating Status: On Hiatus 😦

Summary (From MU): Princess Acacia (name of a flower) of Libya is engaged to the the prince of Hittite. They are madly in love with each other. But Lamec, the young king of Egypt, while conquering Libya (and killing Acacia’s parents) falls in love with Acacia. He brought her back to Egypt with an intention of marrying her. But Lamec is already engaged to the powerful princess of Egypt. It is because of her who gave up the throne for Lamec that he was able to become king. The Egyptian princess throws Lamec, the king, (no, I’m not kidding) into prison because he wanted to break up their engagement. After giving up on changing Lamec’s mind, she kills him.

The prince of Hittite came to try to save Acacia but failed. He died while protecting her. The evil Egyptian princess then throws Acacia into a dungeon and opens the water ways for her to drown.

All 4 reincarnated 3000 years later into modern Seoul.
The 1st volume is about their 1st life.
From then on is about their modern life which tells about Acacia’s path to stardom as a successful actress while having the reincarnated Egyptian princess, now named Chang Heri and is a child actress prodigy, as the rival. The prince of Hittites as a famous idol singer, Woo Su, and Lamec, Egyptian king, as president of Heri’s agency/TV station.

The modern part of the series is really good! It is kind of like The One and Skip Beat.

Read THIS post on name corrections and hiatus status.


MediaFire Folder

Volume 1:

~~~~~Chapter 1: 6/8/10 MediaFire Thank you trinhtien95 for providing the raws for this chapter!!!
~~~~~Chapter 2: On Hiatus 😦               
I have already found better raws from Han-file, so expect the quality to be better, that is IF I’m still on with scanlating.

Read THIS post on name corrections and hiatus status.

Love Like Crazy

Love Like Crazy

by: Hwang Mi Ri

Manhwa Status: Completed

Scanlating Status: Dropped

Volumes: 11

Raw By: Kangta

Translate By: ♥Marina



Volume 1

_____1.1 – 12/24/09 – Actually, Loyal Kiss also translated this. I decided to delete the link since you could download it from their website. I see there is no point for 2 versions of the same material exist.

Bad & Good News

Quick points:

Bad: I am going to drop Love Like Crazy and discontinue Crimson☆Aqua ScAnS.

Good: I am going to only translate. I will upload my releases onto my new blog: Crimson☆Aqua Translations

Special thanks to Aiu, who agreed to help me editing – but I decided to take this course of only translating.

My new project is A Tackle On My Life. Any one/group is welcome to use my translations for their scans. Just credit me and a link to my blog if possible but not required 🙂

I hope this is going to work.


P.S: I might be inactive from now till mid-May but I will definitely work on the project any time I have. So don’t worry.

P.S.S: Please support me by reading my translations!!!    :glittereyes: Your support is my motivation!



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well, apparently I am going to continue my scanlatings.

Any Volunteers? I need a Cleaner/Editor.

OK. I am sorry for such a long absent but  woo [deep breath], I can edit now. If you read previous posts, you know that I used those times to learn to edit manga. (It’s a very long story. Started out, it’s me and a friend, Ashley in this group. Ashley is in charge of cleaning/editing but she decided to quit) And man, what a journey. So I will still be working on Love Like Crazy, I’ll just time it to follow up Loyal Kiss’s releases.

I am wondering if anybody is willing to help me to clean and semi-edit. What I mean is you could help me to crop double-page view into single pages and brighten the pages, level it a little maybe to make the pages sharp. And to clone (cloning is much better than white texts out with the same effort of moving your fingers, just sometimes when texts are overlapping scenes then it will requires more works and efforts) out the texts and remove small text effects. If you could and want to, you could clone out big text effects too. I definitely thank you very much on that. Scans will look nicer. (I still can’t do that and cloning scenes, I tried very hard but it looks weird.)  After all that, please email or upload them to me. I will put in texts in as I translate. If you agree to help me, it will definitely quicken the process of me doing all of those works alone.

My email address is: crimsonaquamarina@yahoo.com

I am translating vol 11 of Love Like Crazy currently. It’s actually a long story. What I wanted was that to translate from bottom up while Loyal Kiss up down. At some point in the far future, we will have a point of contact and I will release all the volumes left. BUT that’s not a good idea. It’s very slow like that so I decided to finish vol 11 since I already started and start on vol 3. When Loyal Kiss releases all of vol 2, I will release what I have done. That is my plan. Any suggestions?